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What happens at a Waterpark when they are closed for the winter?

Even though the gates may be closed and the pools are drained there is still a lot happening behind the scenes. In fact, with a well-planned maintenance program, the off-season can be the busiest time of the year for the Waterpark Maintenance team. The hard work you do in the off-season can pay off tenfold when it comes time to welcome the guests back into the pools. A well-executed off-season maintenance program can maximize the life span of your facility’s assets.

Winterizing, pressure washing, painting, inventory, inspections, and extraordinary maintenance projects are all part of the plan for the time of year when there are no guests in the park.

Off-Season Tips:
1. Plan.

Have a well-defined list of goals and objectives and a reasonable schedule to complete these tasks. Include lists of parts and materials, a plan for lead time to get these supplies, and the labor needed to accomplish the goals.

2. Budget.

Every maintenance task requires two things to be successful – time and money. We never have enough of one and even less of the other, but cutting the budget and deferring maintenance tasks will only cost more in the long run.

3. Make checklists.

Although the attraction might be closed for the season, it still requires routine inspections. These off-season inspections might alert the maintenance or operations staff to changing conditions before they become a bigger problem.

4. Be proactive.

Repairing minor issues before they become significant problems can make opening the attraction next season smoother. Even minor maintenance issues can result in hefty repair costs.

5. Refer to Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

The O&M is an excellent resource to assist your planning and execution phases. The manuals typically will detail everything the operator needs to know the keep their equipment in “like new” condition.

6. Seek professional help.

Specialized tasks like cleaning and waxing water slides or changing filter media might need to be contracted out with companies that have the expertise in these areas.

7. Get going early.

Waterparks generally have many components that are not “off the shelf” and might require a significant lead time to arrive once ordered. Additionally, specialized companies generally aren’t just sitting around waiting for the waterpark to call for repairs.

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