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CFD Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful and dynamic 3D Simulation tool used to evaluate and predict the behavior of water and air within various aquatic and HVAC systems. The software provides numerical methods and algorithms that analyze and predict how air and fluid will move past objects in a variety of environments such as lazy rivers, wave pools and can also be applied to indoor HVAC air circulation.

WTI uses this technology to troubleshoot potential issues before the completion of pool design and well before the construction phase where issues can be costly to resolve, providing the best possible air and water environments in our aquatic facility designs. Safety is the top priority in all aspects of our engineering. By utilizing this tool, WTI analyzes potential problematic areas where atypical water flow may affect ride experience or sanitation and filtration efforts.

With this specialized and unique design service, WTI offers our clients the advantages of cutting-edge attraction design and improved guest experience, all developed within the safety of the virtual world. CFD Simulations predict the speed and flow patterns in attractions during the design phase and optimize the mechanical system for the desired guest experience. WTI is constantly improving internal design processes and standards, and are excited to share our ever-expanding technical capabilities with our clients.