Soak City Waterpark at Kings Dominion

Project Type:
Commercial Waterparks
Doswell, Virginia

WTI has designed projects for the Cedar Fair company for more than two decades, including recent expansion projects for this 20-acre outdoor waterpark.

The Splash Island addition at Kings Dominion features an interactive water play structure. Little ones can let their imaginations run wild as they get soaked underneath large, cascading flowers, take a trip down a slide, or pump and direct water that shoots out from one of the many splash pad creatures.

The Paradise Plunge addition is for thrill-seekers. Guests step into one of three chambers and wait anxiously for the floor to drop out from underneath their feet, sending them in a high-speed, near-vertical free-fall through a series of loops and s-curves in a translucent flume.

Aqua Blast sends guests twisting and spiraling through an enclosed chute with four intense, 360-degree loops over 449 feet of slide before they’re dropped out into a pool.

Project Highlights
  • 2007 - Wave pool & raft ride
  • 2015 - Splash Island interactive play feature with bucket
  • 2015 - Aqua Blast and Paradise Plunge
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Soakcitykingswaterparkdominion Sliderdetail2 700X480
Soakcitykingswaterparkdominion Sliderdetail3 700X480
Soakcitykingswaterparkdominion Sliderdetail4 700X480
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