Alton Towers Waterpark

Project Type:
Resort and Hospitality
Staffordshire, England

WTI was hired to design this 40,000-square-foot indoor waterpark, Alton Towers, in the heart of the new Splash Landings Hotel and conference center. Located in an isolated area in Staffordshire, England, the new hotel provides a year-round destination for more than 2.5 million visitors annually. The facility was designed to incorporate three levels of activity to entertain up to 1,200 guests at a time.

Project Highlights
  • Multiple waterslides, including one of the UK's fastest Master Blasters
  • Multiple indoor/outdoor covered flume slides
  • Custom interactive tree house play structure with over 70 interactive spray features
Altontowerswaterpark Sliderdetail2 700X480
Altontowerswaterpark Splashlandings Sliderdetail3 700X480
Altontowerswaterpark Splashlandings Sliderdetail4 700X480
Altontowerswaterpark Splashlandings Sliderdetail5 700X480
Altontowerswaterpark Staffordshire Sliderdetail 700X480

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