Aquatica SeaWorld Waterpark San Antonio

Project Type:
Commercial Waterparks
San Antonio, Texas

Since SeaWorld San Antonio Lost Lagoon opened in the early 1990s, WTI played a large part in its many renovations and additions. When SeaWorld announced they'd be building their very own Aquatica Waterpark to replace Lost Lagoon by 2012, WTI was hired to complete the design and aquatic engineering for five new aquatic features, and to renovate two existing features: The Loggerhead Lane complex and the Big Surf Shores Wave Pool. WTI continues to be an integral part of the SeaWorld development team, most recently involved in the 2018 addition of a mat racer waterslide complex. Aquatica San Antonio was recently featured on Travel Channel's Xtreme Waterparks show. This showcased Aquatica's blend of thrilling rides and up-close animal encounters, such as Stingray Falls, which feature live sting rays that guests view from a giant underwater tube.

Project Highlights
  • 1990s - Lost Lagoon renovations
  • 2012 - Aquatica expansion and renovation
  • 2018 - Mat racer addition
  • 2019 – Drop Slide Addition
Sea World San Antonio Slider Detail6 700x480
Aquatica San Antonio Sliderdetail 700X480
Aquatica San Antonio Sliderdetail4 700X480
Aquatica San Antonio Grotto Sliderdetail3 700X480
Aquatica San Antonio Wave Sliderdetail5 700X480

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