The Boardwalk at Hersheypark

Project Type:
Commercial Waterparks
Hershey, Pennsylvania

The Boardwalk is designed to pay tribute to the beaches of Atlantic City, Ocean City, Coney Island and Rehoboth Beach in the Northeast. This $21 million project had been the largest attraction added to the park in its history. What once was a simple amusement park––opened by Milton S. Hershey for his chocolate factory employees––is now known as the Sweetest Place on Earth. The park celebrated its 100th year of operation with the opening of the Boardwalk. At the time of completion, the seven-story East Coast Waterworks water play structure boasted being the largest in the world! WTI's talented designers and engineers helped make The Boardwalk the perfect attraction: A one-stop-shop for both an amusement park and a Northeastern beach!

WTI continued to partner with Hersheypark to develop expansion rides in both 2013 and 2018. The 2018 Breaker's Edge and Whitecap Racer addition is considered the park's biggest splash in nearly a decade.

Project Highlights
  • 2009 - The Boardwalk waterpark addition opens, featuring East Coast Waterworks: A seven-story water play structure with seven waterslides, two tipping buckets and numerous other water features
  • 2013 - Two waterslides added to the Coastline Plunge, plus the Shoreline Sprayground, a splash area designed specifically for children
  • 2018 - Breaker's Edge Water Coaster and Whitecap Racer open

2018 Leading Edge Award - WWA

2008 Gold Medal Winner, Waterpark Category

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