Meryal Waterpark

Project Type:
Commercial Waterparks, Waterparks & Leisure, Outdoor
Doha, Qatar

Water Technology, Inc. collaborated with Qetaifan Projects, Katara Hospitality, and WS Atkins & Partners to bring Meryal to fruition. Meryal will quickly become a tourist hotspot for the Kingdom of Qatar and Qetaifan Island North. Amenities at the waterpark include 36 waterslides, double wave pool, kids‘ play areas, and much more spotlighting the rich history and culture of the region.

20,000 construction staff worked diligently, 24/7, to bring to life one of the world’s most iconic destinations –filling the amusement and attractions gap of the newly developed, mixed-use island. Qatar’s oil-rich history heavily influenced the look, feel, and story of Meryal -- the first internationally oil-themed waterpark in the world. 3D augmented reality technology will be utilized at the waterpark to transport visitors virtually through the abundant history of oil and gas discovery in Qatar which is reflected through the rig-shaped Icon Tower. Colors showcased in the waterpark are seen in varying hues of aged metal and rust to further tie in the country’s most prominent industry. Meryal also features the SlideWheel, a series of rotating slide flumes that combine the concept of a ferris wheel and a water slide to bring a very unique experience to every guest. An impressive Master Blaster, uphill water coaster, will transport park attendees a short distance over the ocean water.

An artificial, man-made island was developed to house the destination waterpark and local attractions; a feat of design and engineering in its own. Slide manufacturer, WhiteWater, was awarded the bid to bring the construction of the incredible 85-meter-tall, 12-slide platform to life. The aptly named structure, Icon Tower, turns the waterpark into a vertical system by reducing its footprint all while adding thrill and instant notoriety. Icon Tower hosts a series of transfer tub levels so that patrons can move with ease from one level to the other without having to leave the tower. 7 horizontal and 3 vertical conveyor belt systems allow tubes and rafts to seamlessly be transported throughout the entire structure. Compared to other well-known architectural features in the world, Icon Tower will stand taller than the Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Arc De Triomphe, and the Roman Colosseum, breaking the world record for the tallest slide complex. Icon Tower is accessible by a causeway that connects Qetaifan Island North to the tower’s own distinct zone. One obstacle faced by the design team in constructing the Icon Tower was the request for an exemption from the Civil Aviation Authority in Qatar. This was due to the colossal height of the tower interfering with the height restrictions from the approaching nearby airport.

Qetaifan Island North is projecting roughly 50,000 visitors daily for the thrilling attractions on the island. Sheikh Nasser bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani stated “It showcases our history and culture, which we take pride in, and carries a word from the Qatari dialect. We hope will resonate worldwide with the promising future of Qetifan Island North as a touristic haven, and the waterpark as an entertainment and cultural landmark.”

Project Highlights
  • 6-acre Waterpark
  • Icon Tower 85-meter-tall, 12-slide platform
  • 22 Ride Complexes, 45 Rides, 52 Slides, 15 Pools, and 40,000 sqm Beach
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 8
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 1
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 2
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 3
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 4
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 5
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 6
Meryal Slider Detail 700x480 7

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