Deerfield High School

Project Type:
Competition, Education and Training
Deerfield, Illinois

The citizens of Illinois Township District 113 approved an $89 million referendum to address several aging and outgrown schools. The referendum included funding for two natatoriums one at Deerfield High School and one at their sister school Highland Park. Both natatoriums were intended to support the burgeoning swim team, the student body, and new aquatic programs.

Water Technology, Inc., alongside the architect of record, and Township District 113 determined the best way to efficiently build two natatoriums was to use the same pool design for each facility. By using the same plan, it reduced both design time and costs through increased efficiencies.

Deerfield’s Natatorium was designed for flexibility serving the widest variety of events, and students’ needs. The new, larger 10-lane 25-meter x 25-yard stretch pool is designed to meet both the international and domestic short-course standards. The flexibility of the stretch pool is further increased by a moveable bulkhead that divides the pool into multiple useable spaces. The ten lanes allow more students to swim simultaneously reducing congestion and the need for late night or early morning practice. The new diving well and boards allow the diving team to practice in house, without a commute.

After hearing feedback from coaches, WTI designed custom removable handrails that will no longer obstruct swimmers in lanes near diving boards. Finally, the starting blocks were custom painted red with the school’s signature spartan logo. Currently, Deerfield is exploring renting the space to host swim meets as a potential source of revenue.

Project Highlights
  • 10-lane 25-meter x 25-yard stretch pool, Movable Bulkhead, Two 1-Meter Diving Boards, One 3-Meter Diving Board, Diving Well
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