Lions Water Adventure at Woodmen Community Center

Project Type:
Community Recreation
Kinston, North Carolina

The Lions Water Adventure, which is part of the Woodmen Community Center, is uniquely designed to accommodate the visually impaired. The waterpark, which opened in the spring of 2013, includes slides, a lazy river and a separate children's leisure pool. An additional 25-yard swimming pool and therapy pool is also located on the Woodmen Community Center campus and has an inflatable 'bubble' cover for winter use.

WTI was hired to provide master planning and conceptual design of all four pools, plus schematic design and engineering of the leisure pool, lazy river, slides, children's leisure pool area, site, layout and mechanical space. WTI worked closely with the architect and foundation, offering aquatic design feedback on various elements that could be incorporated into the design that would best accommodate the goals of the facility. The Lions Water Adventure is noted as the most accessible pool in the world for blind people. The deck is designed to have different textures to identify location and proximity between deck and pool edge. The safari-themed waterpark also has elements incorporated that go far beyond the visual. Swimmers can enjoy feeling like they are part of the safari adventure, and they can use the theming for wayfinding. The park has animal print impressions in the deck to lead guests to the various areas within the waterpark that are specifically designed to accomodate their age and ability. Unique elements were considered and incorporated into the design of the leisure pool, including warning strips, ample deck space and various spray patterns that create different sounds as the spray touches the water. The outdoor facility is designed to operate separately from the community center, and includes an outdoor changing facility and concession stand for guests.

WTI was proud to be part of a unique waterpark that so specifically serves its intended audience and their families.

Project Highlights
  • Considered the most accessible pool in the world for blind people.
  • The facility is the first of its kind to be built by the Woodmen Foundation––the charitable arm of Omaha, Nebraska-based Woodmen of the World Life Insurance––which contributed $7 million toward the $12 million facility.
  • Additional money for the facility came from the Golden LEAF foundation ($350,000), plus city, county and state funding ($1 million).
  • Generous donations from private individuals and the Kinston affiliate of the Lions Industries for the Blind contributed the remaining $4 million needed for the waterpark.

Leading Edge Award, World Waterpark Association

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