Olathe Community Center

Project Type:
Community Recreation
Olathe, Kansas

This state-of-the-art facility located within Stagecoach Park in Olathe, Kansas opened its doors in the summer of 2014, weaving the park's historic significance into an iconic theme for all residents to enjoy. The Olathe Community Center is the first of its kind in the area, and includes a triple-court gymnasium, fitness center, community events hall and indoor aquatic center.

WTI was hired as the consultant for the programming, design and engineering of the aquatics area. Through multiple programming, theming and public meetings, WTI developed a design sure to rival any nearby indoor aquatics facilities. The 'Day in the Park'-themed aquatics area features oversized caterpillars, water-spraying sunflowers, waterfalls and rock climbing. The organically shaped pool is designed to provide a wide range of activities for all ages, and offers multiple programs, like water aerobics, learn-to-swim programs and therapy. The current channel offers a wide range of interactive elements, including water sprays, a vortex, dumping buckets and TNT detonators located on the deck that trigger bursts of air under the water. The 25-yard, four-lane lap and wellness pool features a slide tower that doubles as a rock climbing wall and jumping platform––perfect for the more adventurous swimmer. Thoughtful design was employed throughout this facility, as shown in multi-purpose features like the slide tower, climbing wall and jumping platform that are all built into one element. The indoor/outdoor run-out slide saves space and helps to increase excitement for the facility by using outdoor real estate for the slide flume that starts inside, runs outside and ends inside.

Project Highlights
  • In 2007, a Community Recreation Needs Assessment Survey was conducted, and results indicated the public's desire for fitness, aquatics and community activity space.
  • A community official broke ground for the new, 72,000-square-foot, $23.8 million community center on December 15, 2012.
  • The 'Day in the Park'-themed aquatics area features oversized caterpillars, water spraying sunflowers, waterfalls and rock climbing.

2016 Athletic Business - Aquatic Design Portfolio

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