Soak City Waterpark at Kings Island

Project Type:
Commercial Waterparks
Mason, Ohio

Soak City Waterpark, part of the Kings Island Amusement Park, is located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. WTI began working with Paramount Parks in 1995 for the addition of Nickelodeon Splat City. In 2004, WTI designed and engineered the renovations and additions to the original WaterWorks waterpark, which was renamed and re-themed as Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay. When the park was purchased and renamed Soak City Waterpark by Cedar Fair Entertainment in 2006, WTI continued their relationship for many subsequent additions and renovations.

Project Highlights
  • 35-acre waterpark, including: 36 waterslides, Tropical lagoons and leisure pools, Rushing rivers
  • 2004 - Raft ride and mat racer addition
  • 2012 - 42,000-square-foot wave pool expansion
  • 2016 - Waterslide complex addition
Soakcitywaterparkkingsisland Sliderdetail 700X480
Soakcitywaterparkkingsisland Sliderdetail2 700X480
Soakcitywaterparkkingsisland Sliderdetail3 700X480
Soakcitywaterparkkingsisland Sliderdetail4 700X480
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