Stanwood-Camano YMCA of Snohomish County

Project Type:
Community Recreation
Everett, Washington

After years of lacking opportunities for aquatic recreation in Stanwood, several generous donations from private members of the community sparked the development of a new YMCA. Alongside a local architect, WTI worked to bring Stanwood’s aquatic dreams to life in the design and engineering of this new, state-of-the-art facility.

The one-room natatorium is fully accessible and contains a lap pool, leisure pool and whirlpool that offer unique programming opportunities for users of all ages and abilities. The 6-lane, 25-yard lap pool provides swim training and a learn-to-swim space, and the community wasted no time enrolling. The first swim class, with full capacity, was held the afternoon of the grand opening. The leisure pool contains both a shallow water area in which children can play and deeper water for basketball, volleyball and open play. A current channel in the leisure pool is an additional aquatic opportunity rich with programming opportunities and provides a place for water walking, with or against the current. Finally, the whirlpool is a popular place for warm water relaxation while taking in all the other fun aquatic activities.

Since the YMCA’s opening in 2016, it has been serving 20,000 people in the community each year. Not only is the YMCA successful in serving its membership, it is also sustainable, employing various energy-efficient equipment. Through the use of energy-efficient boilers, LED lighting, solar power systems and various water conservation measures, the YMCA is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint each year as it continues to deliver aquatic recreation to families of all ages and abilities. WTI was thrilled to be involved on this efficient, forward-thinking project in the Pacific Northwest.

Project Highlights
  • 2,341-square-foot leisure pool: 7 geysers, 18 sprays, Dumping feature, Current channel with 3 propulsion units, 3-lane lap pool, Volleyball net, 2 basketball hoops
  • 3,071-square-foot, 25-yard competition pool with 6 lanes
  • 150-square-foot spa pool with 12 hydrojets and 21-person capacity
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